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The following guidelines should be used when using CSS on your wiki page:

  • You may not obscure links to other pages. Links--especially external links--must always be clearly set apart from the surrounding text.
  • You may not include content (including images and other media) stored on another website on your page. Images from the FDTJ wiki are acceptable as long as they comply with the file guidelines.
  • You may not alter the base layout of the site in any way. No getting rid of the mediawiki sidebars, login bars, FDTJ logo, page titles etc.
  • Transitions designed to cause or trigger epilepsy are strictly forbidden. In general, you should avoid transitions or selectors which alter the display, but they are not forbidden.
  • Page content must be readable in any browser, but you are free to make them as ugly as you like.
  • Fonts should be restricted to web safe font families. Google Fonts will be made available at a later date.
  • Do not prepend element IDs with the text "mw-". That is a reserved ID namespace for mediawiki specific layout elements.

If your page does not comply with these guidelines, your CSS may be wiped (in whole or in part) without warning by staff. A query will be sent notifying you of the change, and explaining wy the wipe was made.

If you wish to report a violation of these guidelines, please place the Cleanup template on the description of the page or image in question. Your help in monitoring for mistakes is greatly appreciated.