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Shackamaxon Motleys
 Shackamaxon is a centuries old Freehold with a long and rich history. Its motleys have defended the far reaches of one of the East Coast's largest freeholds since long before the white man ever set foot on the continent. There is hubris in the belief that institutions such as a freehold can be eternal, but that is clearly the belief of those in power here. Accordingly, any dynamic changes or heroic achievements tend to be attributed to the more fleeting associations of the changelings themselves; their motleys.

 The feasting halls of Spring and the training chambers of Summer are filled with boastful tales of the achievements of Motleys long since faded from the face of the earth. The names of their heroes as ready to the tongue, as the Bard said, as household words. Winter mourns their absence, while Autumn wields their memories like knives in carving fear into the Hobs who still remember them.

 And then there are those who aspire to such greatness. The living Motleys of Shackamaxon.

Motley Recruitment
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter; Changelings of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds seek a Motley. Here are just a few spread throughout Philadelphia. Feel free to add a link to your character page if you're searching for a motley.




  • Rosalyn Solfrig, Hedge and Dream explorer with a carnivorous unicorn looking for hedge focused friends.
  • Edward, Musician and Hedge Ranger looking for a family



Active Motleys
Inactive Motleys