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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open?

We are open and have been open since 2020. :)

What can I play?

Right now, you can play a Changeling that's either Courtless (for a maximum of one season, after which your character must either join a Court or leave Philly) or from one of the Seasonal Courts, a Sin-Eater, a Vampire, a Mage, or a Mortal+. We do not allow antagonistic concepts or vanilla mortals.

What systems are we using?

Chronicles of Darkness 2.0. Our Books list covers the books we have reviewed and are using. As books come out, we'll review them and decide what, if any, content we will include.

Are you going to add {Sphere}?

We are not planning to add any more spheres.

Can I invite people?

Please do!

Are you planning to allow local/custom Courts?


Are you going to allow custom kiths, Legacies, bloodlines, Tokens and equipment?

The policies for this will vary from sphere to sphere. Please check your sphere page or ask the Team Lead!

What sheets are you using?

These are linked on the Main Page

The wiki disagrees with the books!

Then the wiki is right.

This house rule isn't on the wiki!

Then it isn't an actual house rule until it's on the wiki.

How many Downtime Actions can I make in a week?

There is no hard limit, because some actions are easy to resolve and some take longer. As a general rule you can only be making a single action at any one time with any one status. If you have three status merits, you can make one action with each, or commit any or all of them to a single action. Once that status is being leveraged, however, you can't take additional actions with it until the action is resolved.

The same is true with crafting actions. If you're crafting a suit of armor, you aren't also crafting a sword. One at a time, please.

Similarly, downtime actions which are taking up the lion's share of your character's attention are going to limit your ability to make others.

Use common sense. If this doesn't work out, we may revisit this open-ended "police yourself" request and replace it with more rigid guidelines.