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FDTJ Wiki Image and Media Acceptable Use Guidelines

The From Dusk till Jawn Wiki is provided for the primary purpose of presenting information in a concise manner. While players are encouraged to use images to enhance the presentation of their character information pages, those images should be geared towards augmenting the textual information, not replacing it. Furthermore, while hard-drive space is inexpensive, this game does have to keep the size of its overall foot print in mind. Accordingly, the following guidelines are provided to assist players in knowing what images are acceptable on the From Dusk Till Dawn Wiki:

Do not upload AI art to our wiki. AI art uploaded to this wiki will be deleted without notification.

  • Pictures of an actor or model meant to represent your character are acceptable.
  • Pictures for characters should be named according to the character whose page they go to. This helps tremendously in figuring out where stray images came from when things inevitably get unlinked because someone stops using a picture.
  • Do not upload more than 10 images per character.
  • Pages or images with sexually explicit content should be clearly marked as NSFW in the name and in any links leading to that page.
  • Do not upload images to replace headers or text areas, or use images as backgrounds for a wikipage. These "layout" images are inaccessible and can often cause navigation issues within the wiki. If you want to create a personal homepage where you can play with the layout using extensive graphics, your are welcome to link to that on a separate site. All images with any text should have alt text.
  • The use of icons is acceptable; however, we would like to encourage you to first check our Icons page to see if a common icon already exists for what you want to use before uploading a new image.

Violation of these guidelines may result in a removal of the image. Repeated violations may result in a warning from staff.

If you wish to report a violation of these guidelines, please place the Cleanup template on the description of the page or image in question. Your help in monitoring for cleanup needs is greatly appreciated.