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Geist: the Sin-Eaters

As an extremely old city, Philadelphia has more than its fair share of ghosts.

Sin-Eaters haven't shunned the area, either. There's no real organization locally (or most anywhere for Sin-Eaters), just a loose collection of krewes and individuals. Many of the local Sin-Eaters over history have attached themselves to motleys, cadres, and coteries.

Philadelphia has many smaller gates, including one in the graveyard at Mikveh Israel)but the most well-known and largest runs underneath Hood Cemetery. Specifically, it opens next to the grave of Christian Frederic Post. A missionary from Prussia, Post's first and second wives were both Lenape, and his ability to speak multiple languages made him central to diplomatic efforts during the French and Indian War which preserved the nascent city of Pittsburgh.

The guardian of the gate is a hooded and masked individual of indeterminate gender; the mask appears differently depending on the viewer. It refers to itself with no name, and local Sin-Eaters refer to it euphemistically as "Our Friend." Who knows, maybe it was a Quaker, or maybe it's a little like when the Fae are referred to as the 'Fair Folk.'


Geist has no devoted staff -- any staff member may process XP tickets or plot inquiries.


The Geist Sphere on From Dusk Till Jawn was put together for folx to play as an integrated sphere/venue that works with other venues primarily. It will receive minimal direct plot support from staff but Sin-Eaters are welcome to integrate themselves into other sphere action!.

Rules and System

Please click through to read the House Rules for From Dusk Till Jawn's Geist Sphere.

Joining the Sphere

We try to make life easy. Here are some basic guidelines. You can find the full Approval Guidelines here.

Formatting Your Approval Ticket

  • Use the formatting here -- it is required and we will return your ticket to you if you don't use it. This makes sure we don't forget anything.


  • Use the template here
  • Geist: the Sin-Eaters 2.0 core rules + 275 xp
  • Other bits may go here as I work through character generation setup -- Spider


  • Forbidden Concepts: Antagonist concepts.
  • Encouraged Concepts: Sin-Eaters who wish to actively work cooperatively with other supernatural types. We won't stop you from making a Sin-Eaters-Only concept... but you won't get much RP, and the game's themes and plots will be very difficult to engage with from that perspective of play.
  • Bullet points are fine; please just give staff enough to work with on crafting stories
  • Please include these questions and their answers in your background:
    • How old was you character when they became a Sin-Eater?
    • What does your character enjoy most about being a Sin-Eater?
    • What did your character enjoy least about it? Think big.
  • Want ties to NPCs? Talk to staff! This is encouraged. You may not purchase True Friend for Setting NPCs. You may purchase Mentor for Setting NPCs with staff approval.
  • You may be a newcomer or a longtime resident - you can be assumed to have been here all along.


  • Please make one, they are mandatory for final approval!
  • The page name should be either your character's actual name or their birth name.
  • Give us a description for your Geist.
  • If you need help, please ask on Discord! We can set up a very basic wiki for you to fill out if you need help.