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Darkest Shadows:
  Redactor Gardener Has contacted the Guardians of the Veil recently to let them know of a missing Herald from the Consilium of the Fecund Coin. They never reached their destination and no immediate hint of their presence is noticed in Philadelphia. The investigation is ongoing...

How To

  • How do I engage this plot?: If you're a Guardian of the Veil, contact TheUserWin in Tickets to get engaged in the plot.
  • What if I'm in a different Order?: There will be a part where your order is called upon in this plot. I am hoping to focus on aspects that would interest each orders in turns.

IC Rumors

None so far

Help Wanted

  • Guardians of the Veil PC are requested to help in this investigation by Gardener there are too many unknowns and the shadows looks deep and long, even from afar.