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For A Better Tomorrow:
  A human soul in a Perfected body created by the Seers was 'rescued' by a group of Mages. Mark One, or Mark as he is commonly known, seems kind enough, but the general consensus is that he's probably a Trojan horse, intended to activate at some point and destroy the Tree.

How To

  • How do I engage this plot?:
    • Put in a ticket to meet Mark.
    • Contact Mary, Hearth, Little Fox, Simon, or ask on the Mage-OOC channel for anyone who is currently working on the project.

IC Rumors

  • Mark's body is resistant to Awakened magic; Matter has been used on him to little effect. This is probably intentional on the part of the Seers who created him.

Help Wanted

  • Matter, Life, and Death Mages (so far) are required to investigate Mark's makeup. Is it possible to keep him in his present body without ongoing harm to the Consilium and the Tree?