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As you no doubt noticed, every Regalia contract has a set of exceptional advantages automatically assigned to- currently- two Seemings, immediately available to any of those Seemings in possession of the Contract. Additional Seeming advantages, as noted in the book, can be purchased for the low, low price of a single XP- and an Oath to someone of the Seeming with the Contract who can teach its secrets. It's worth noting that Oaths do not have an expiration date, and each such Oath sworn does create a lasting tie between the two of you, even if its terms are met by both sides.

That said, below is a voluntary list of mentors who can teach the Seeming advantage for the contracts they've listed. Adding your name and contracts to this list does not obligate you to teach anyone, nor is adding your name and/or contracts required- this is an opt-in resource to make finding a mentor less painful. You may also add your name to the list of Looking For Mentor if you need someone to have taught, or teach, your character a particular trick of their Seeming.


  • Arthur Phoenix: Can teach the Wizened clause for Blessing of Perfection, Hidden Reality, Whispers of Morning, and Walls Have Ears
  • Asbolus: Can teach the Darkling clause for Boon of the Scuttling Spider, Elemental Weapon, Light-Shy, Read Lucidity, Reflections of the Past, Riddle Kith, Skinmask, Unraval the Tapestry, Walls Have Ears
  • Aurelio Menegi: Can teach the Elemental clause for Changeling Hours, Elemental Fury, Elemental Weapon, Fae Cunning, Might of the Terrible Brute, Oathbreaker's Punishment, Overpowering Dread, Relentless Pursuit, Touch of Wrath
  • June Desrochers: Beast clause for Boon of the Scuttling Spider, Nevertread, Seven-League Leap, Talon & Wing, Might of the Terrible Brute, Chyrsalis, and Read Lucidity
  • Petra Fichette: Can teach Beast clauses for Pathfinder, Seven-League Leap, and Talon and Wing
  • Rosalyn Solfrig: Can teach Fairest clauses for Hostile Takeover, Tumult, Mastermind's Gambit, Pipes of the Beastcaller, and Dreamsteps
  • Sigrun: Can teach the Fairest clause for Fae Cunning, Paralyzing Presence, Spinning Wheel, and Fortifying Presence
  • Vorpal: Can teach the Elemental clause for Elemental Weapon, Fae Cunning, Changeling Hours

Looking For Mentor

  • Vorpal: Blessing of Perfection (Wizened), Changeling Hours (Wizened)

Mentors for Skills, Merits, etc.

This is purely an RP mechanic. If your character is willing to teach, say, Parkour, list it below so that other players can seek you out for RP!

  • June Desrochers: Grappling, Kung Fu, Close Quarters Combat, Strength Performance, Lifting Peter up and putting him down
  • Hyena: Grappling, Defensive combat brawl
  • Mearcstapa: Trained Observer, Larceny, Investigation
  • Petra Fichette: Medicine
  • Rosalyn Solfrig: Mounted Combat, Combat Archery, Survival, Animal Ken
  • Sigrun: Armed Defense, Weapon and Shield, Defensive Combat, Mounted Combat, Quick Draw: Weaponry, Language: Faroese
  • Sturm: Boxing, Brawl, Craft, Defensive Combat (Brawl), Street Fighting, Cheap Shot.