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PrP Pitch Outline

While it's not necessary to account fully for every angle in a plot, PrP runners should have an idea about the motivations of the NPCs involved, so that they can react according to those motivations when the players inevitably do something you never thought possible. They will do that, however, and it will probably be in the first fifteen minutes of play. So stay flexible with the directions the plot can go in, and practice that most helpful of collaborative phrases, "Yes, and...".

Submit the pitch outline using our ticketing system. Once you've received the plot approval from Staff, and have approval for all custom awards involved, you're clear to begin running the plot. Have fun!

Make sure your pitch follows the policies for PrP runners.

Plot Name

Keep it short and sweet, but give it some punch. It should allude to the theme of the plot. A plot about a heist from a jewelry store might be called 'A Kick in the Family Jewels', whereas a plot about the creature that hides in the woods along the Schyulkill that the children all know by name might called 'Kermit the Hermit'. Think horror movies titles, and you're on the right track.

Plot Overview

Give us a general outline of what's going on, here. Who are the characters involved, what are the motivations of the antagonists, where do you see this going, and what potential outcomes are being sought. If you plan to award equipment, goblin fruit, tokens, hedgespun, etc. such things should be noted here in general terms. Consult the prior approval guidelines in our PrP Policy documents to make certain your awards do not require prior approval. If they do, submit them for approval separately.

This section should read a bit like an elevator pitch for an action movie. Give us the sizzle of your steak, the broad strokes, the view from 30,000 feet. We're not going to hold your feet to the fire when things inevitably go off track because your players are dynamic humans with wild ideas. But we do want to know where you're trying to take them.

Possible Fallout

Sometimes plots aren't neat and self-contained. A plot about a spree killer is going to be in the news. A plot about a jewel heist is going to interest police and the criminal underground. A plot about slaughtering a nest of briarwolves is going to impact the hobs who live in the hedge and probably win the interest of the crowns, regents, and courtiers of the freehold.

This isn't always a bad thing. In fact, it's how characters can gain Status and Fame and how we model the game world as a vibrant, reactive, living place. If you want your plot to exist in a bottle, you're free to request that in your write up. Staff may suggest tweaks to the plot to help keep it self-contained.

You should suggest potential fallout from your plot, as it will let both staff and you as the plot runner consider the broader impacts of your plot, and suggest future sequels to your plot that you or others can run with.

NPCs Involved

You should list the NPCs that will be involved. If you're using approved NPCs from our NPC database, you can just name them. No need to write up a stat block. If you're using your own NPCs, go ahead and submit a stat block for them. Use the default antagonist template for the book you're working from. If it's a changeling plot, provide a stat block as you'd find in the Shared Nightmares section of Changeling: The Lost 2.0. If you're writing up mortal NPCs, animals, or horrors? Use the Antagonist templates from the Horrors and Wonders section of Chronicles of Darkness 2.0.

Please state in your pitch if you're okay if staff adds your NPC stat block to the list of approved NPCs for future plots. We'll file off the serial numbers and make them generic, but giving plot runners more tools to pick from is never a bad thing.


If you are handing out tangible awards, they should be listed here in clear detail. If it's book standard stuff, just cite the book and page reference. No need to copy the stat block. If it's custom gear with prior approval, list the stat block here. If it's for a justification for a status raise or an allies purchase or the like, state that here as well.

Desired Assistance

If you'd like to coordinate with staff to make sure media posts are happening promptly, or to touch base with us on occasion about how your plot would be responded to by certain status groups, or various staff run NPCs? Please let us know that ahead of time. It's easier for us to help you out moving forward if we know we're going to be asked to up front.

And rest assured, we'd love to help you! We just need to budget our time for it accordingly.