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PrP Approval and Pre-Approval Policies

This page contains our guidelines for what plots require staff approval, and what sort of plots you can run with pre-approval. We want to empower players to make their own fun, but do reserve the right to enforce our site's theme and a sense of game balance, as well as control the scope of plots being run. Staff may also on occasion farm out pre-approved plot modules for players to run in support of ongoing staff run plots. These plots will typically have higher risks and higher rewards than standard player run plots, and their guidelines should be adhered to closely.

If your plot is going to contain any of the elements listed in the 'Plots Requiring Staff Approval' section, the plot must be fully pitched, discussed, and all elements fully approved by staff prior to play. Staff will not approve special additions to plots after the plot has begun. This is simply a practical consideration to keep players from leveraging the momentum of a plot underway against staff's better judgment, and nothing more. So please don't do that.

Plots Requiring Staff Approval


Players wishing to run plots with custom antagonists not present in our list of approved NPCs should contact staff and pitch their plot idea through the ticketing system. Players are forbidden from portraying Gentry in play for thematic reasons. Huntsmen may be requested for play, but the plot will be given a great deal of scrutiny as Huntsmen are intended to be utterly terrifying and dread inducing to even the most experienced of characters. Supernatural creatures from presently unapproved gamelines are also potential plot antagonists requiring staff approval.


Plots that will be giving equipment as a reward do not necessarily require staff approval prior to being run. Consult the staff pre-approval section for more information on pre-approved equipment plots.

Supernatural equipment itself needs to be approved by staff prior to any scenes being run in an effort to aquire them. Supernatural equipment can include but is by no means limited to Tokens, Hedgespun equipment, equipment created using the crafting rules, and any other sphere specific supernatural equipment from game lines we may choose to include in play in the future.

The plot surrounding the creation and aquistion of supernatural equipment requires approval separately from the supernatural equipment itself. Once both the item and the plot surrounding it are approved, you can begin to run it for your players.

As a rough guideline, magical equipment plots should consist of at least one scene per dot of the merit reflecting the equipment. So a plot for someone acquiring a token should take at least five scenes to complete or acquire. A plot for someone aquring a token should take three or more. And a plot for a simple token, a single scene or more.

Plots intending to award book standard common equipment of availability 4+ requires staff approval before being run.

In all cases, the plot's risk should be commensurate to the rewards it provides, and the plot will be weighed by staff accordingly.

Goblin Fruit

Plots intending to provide players with a reward of three or more rare goblin fruits, five or more uncommon goblin fruits, or seven or more common goblin fruits should be run by staff beforehand for pre-approval. Plots intending to provide players with custom goblin fruit not already listed here will require both the new fruit and the plot in which it is discovered to be approved for play. Once your fruit is approved and added to the wiki, however, it can be run without prior approval as though it had always been listed there.

Plots With Staff Pre-Approval


As long as the antagonist(s) you wish to confront players with are listed here, they are pre-approved for play. If you wish to increase their threat level, that would require staff approval. It can be hard to challenge powerful characters with pre-approved NPCs. Increasing their numbers in a second wave sometimes helps. In the hedge, using the Hedge's paradigm shifts to create environmental complications for the characters can really throw a monkey wrench into the works. In the mortal world, police patrols, surveillance cameras, nosy neighbors and the like can all provide significant obstacles. Not every threat to the characters needs to be to life and limb.


If you wish to run a plot where your players are aquiring book standard equipment from the equipment lists contained in Chronicles of Darkness 2.0 corebook, or in the appendixes of Hurt Locker, you are free to do so. The exceptions to this are gear that would require the crafting system to be created and any equipment with an availability of 4+. Custom equipment requires prior approval by staff, and any item of availability 4+ requires staff approval for the plot to be run. Running a plot to acquire equipment in this manner bypasses the Availability requirement of the equipment gained, meaning your Resources or Status are not a factor in acquiring said gear. This could represent theft, or payment for services rendered. Use common sense. You might be able to steal some hand guns, or be given a +1 workshop, or outfitted with some armor in exchange for help. But you aren't wheeling out several crates of hand grenades from the local National Guard armory.

Goblin Fruit

Plots can reward up to two rare goblin fruits, 4 uncommon goblin fruits, or 6 common goblin fruits from those listed here. Custom goblin fruits require staff approval, as do plots rewarding larger amounts of fruit than those listed here. Once a custom fruit has been added to the wiki and approved for play, it is as though it has always been there and no longer requires prior approval from staff so long as it is awarded within the confines of the pre-approval limits.

XP Spend Plots

Sometimes, players enjoy running plots to help flesh out XP purchases or narratively justify advancements on their sheet. Since we do not require XP spend justifications here with a few exceptions, players are given more or less free reign to run such plots. If you want to create an on screen plot justifying your rise in resources, you are encouraged to do so.

The exceptions to this are spends that touch on staff controled aspects of the game such as Tokens, Hedgespun, and Status. Custom equipment requires staff approval, as detailed above. And status raises are always adjudicated by staff, and the plots around such increases will necessarily touch on the underlying themes and nature of play in the game world.