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Welcome to the FDTJ Plot Wiki

About FDTJ Wiki

The FDTJ Plot Wiki is an information resource for past, present, and future plots on From Dusk Till Jawn: Tales from the Gritty City. The goal and focus of this community is to provide the necessary tools for both staff and player storytellers alike to enable the creation of a collaborative, persistent world in which each story has an effect on the greater chronicle.

Getting Started with the Plot Wiki

As a storyteller you may maintain, update, and expand the wiki to help it be the best storyteller resource it can be.

  • Guidelines for formatting and contributing to the Plot Wiki.
  • Guidelines for helping the FDTJ Storyteller Initiative work properly.

Useful Storytelling Resources

  • Current storytellers A list of players and staff currently willing to help with Storytelling in some way.
  • Wanted stories A list of stories currently desired by players on FDTJ.
  • Story hooks A list of non-requested stories that need a storyteller.
  • Antagonist Factions A list of antagonist groups which have shown up on FDTJ in the past or that could be used in the future.

Player Run Plot Resources