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Note: This plot is intended for the Vampire sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them for help because they couldn't find a vampire with skills they needed, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for vampires.


 First Clayton Powers, the Keeper of the Bala Cynwyd Elysium, disappeared. Then he came back with scales on him! People have done research identifying them as Nereids, vampires who have had their will subsumed by some entity in the deep. A vampire named Rihat seems to be involved, and he's in town causing trouble, like driving cars into Elysium in order to deliver a message. Rumor has it he's also looking for the library of Adelgrief, the city's former Prince, presumably for related reasons.

How To

  • How do I engage this plot?: Read the IC Rumors below for what information is widely known IC. If it's there, you are safe to assume your character has heard that information either through the IC grapevine off-screen (from the person who posted the info, or from a random no-name NPC who told you when you ran into each other, etc). Figure out from there how your character would react, and do it! If you want to take off-camera downtime actions like research, investigation, asking an NPC for guidance, etc, please put in a ticket.
  • I know things I want everyone to know. How do I get that out there?: Add an entry below, under IC Rumors. Feel free to specify a context under which you did or would tell people. Did you post it in Elysium? Do you just tell every PC or NPC who asks, so the rumor is getting around? You don't have to post anything you don't want to, and are free to require people to seek you out for RP to get information, but if you're tired of explaining the same things over and over, put it up here.
  • I have an idea, but my character doesn't have the necessary skills. How do I find someone to help?: Post it in Help Wanted, so people with those skills know to reach out to you!

IC Rumors

"I heard Clayton was a Nereid spy all along, right under everyone's noses" --Random Neonate, overhead in Elysium
"Don't be an idiot. Someone told me the Nereids can't stay away from water that long" --Another random Neonate, overheard in the same conversation
"The lure of the water is important to them, a song in their heads, in their hearts. But it's also a bane of theirs. I just don't know how it all fits. Also also, Clayton was attacked when trying to protect the Masquerade. Show some respect." --Phaedra Lamb, commentary when she heard about this conversation.
"Adelgrief's library has been missing since the night I took power. One of his ghouls had it packed up and brought to an unknown location as soon as things started going poorly for the old regime, and then he utterly destroyed himself so that I couldn't raise his corpse to ask questions. For a little while the search for it was something of a local sport." --Sakima Saagochque, told to anyone who reaches out to her to ask
"The Nereids are aware of Rihat. Interested in him--either to kill or to recruit, he's a target. They're also looking for a thing, an object made out of dark glass. Sorta see-through, even though it's dark, not like completely black." --Phaedra Lamb, in conversation with anyone who'll listen
There was apparently an exchange on the Cacophony, for those with an ear to the ground, between Phaedra Lamb and Rihat, in which the punchy Mekhet implied he might not be the real Rihat, that anyone could pick up the name. Rihat responded smugly that he was definitely the genuine article.

Help Wanted

"Do you love regular home repairs and renovation? Do you enjoy making sure a bunch of super-powered solitary predators follow the rules and behave themselves in your living room? Then you should consider being a Keeper of Elysium! Bala Cynwyd needs a replacement for the late, great Clayton Powers, and it could be you. Inquire with Esme Chevrette or the Sakima if interested." --Posted in every Elysium, signed by Esme herself.
"Serious inquiries only." --Sakima Saagochque