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A Rose By Any Other Name:
 Both Councilor Baldur of the Unnamed Nation and First Archivist of the Tree Curator Epiphanius of the Mysterium report what everyone can very plainly see with their own eyes: the Martyr's tree has gone into full bloom. Such a flowering has never before been recorded in either the Lorehouse of the Tree, the Lorehouse of the Transmodern, the Consilium Archives, or the Athenaeum. The Archivists, Baldur, and a Delegation of the Emissariate are hard at work in unraveling the cause and meaning behind the sudden alteration of the tree's behavior.

How To

  • How do I engage this plot?: At this point, interact with other interested PCs or put in a ticket to speak with your order leaders or path councilors and provosts.
  • What if I'm just newly awakening?: Even now, if you'd like to awaken ICly as a new or existing PC, please contact DadHoc directly.
  • What if I screw up?: You'll learn something and grow!
  • What if I do awesome?: You'll gain the attention of sphere NPCs and consilium officers!

IC Rumors

Posted 6/4

Yisra'el, Parhelion, and Rashida all received their fete at the Lodge of the Children of the Tree. Scrutiny of the two fruits which grew on the tree concurrent to the awakenings of Parhelion and Yisra'el resonate heavily with the Aether and seem tied in some fashion to the awakening of the two new mages in some fashion. This has given rise to the question 'Where is the fruit that is tied to Rashida?'. And, of course, what is the connection between the tree and the awakenings?

Help Wanted

  • The Council of the Wise are looking for volunteers to try and track down the missing fruit of the tree before the Seers of the Throne do. Assuming they don't already have it.
  • Rumor has it Amity is talking about making a trip into the Mists to investigate the Martyr's Tree there. Those interested, particular anyone who knows anything about The Mists, who is good with Fate or Time, or who feels confident reforging their own destiny to make it back safely, should contact her to express their interest in coming along. (OOC: Maximum 3 others. Maddy does want to ensure at least one of the Soulwardens is represented if they wish to be, since they graciously let her be part of studying the fruit they had possession of)