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Crafting System (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Our crafting system largely follows the system first described in Chronicles of Darkness, pp100-103. We also use the Equipment Tags taken from Hurt Locker on pp141-142. Familiarize yourself with these entries before reading these rules, as the rules won't make sense if you read them separately without the background knowledge.


Bonuses must be balanced by Offsets. A single bonus can take the form of a +1 equipment bonus, lowering a Defense or Speed penalty by 1, lowering a Strength requirement by 1, a +1 to damage for a weapon, additional coverage not granted by the base armor, a +1 to general or ballistic armor, or adding a beneficial equipment tag. Not all bonuses are the same, and some require more offsets than others. Please refer to the table for Required Bonus Offets.


Offsets are penalties you take in exchange for a bonus elsewhere. The offsets for armor are typically penalties to Speed and Defense, and increased Strength Requirement and higher Cost. The offsets for melee weaponry are typically penalties to Initiative, increased Strength requirement, and higher cost. The offsets for ranged weapons are typically penalties to Initiative, increased Strength requirement, and higher cost. You may also apply negative equipment tags for a single offset such as Fragile, Inaccurate, and Slow.


  • Cost can never be lowered. It can only go up as a result of offsets.
  • Size cannot be adjusted up or down unless such changes make sense. Creating a pike or a boar spear might logically increase the size of the standard spear it's based on, as might creating a larger shield for a giant sized person. But miniaturizing a greatsword or making a size 8 rapier just because you can isn't going to fly.
  • The Two-Handed weapon tag is applied logically. Large weapons like great swords, pikes, sledgehammers, and so on are going to be assigned the Two-Handed tag by staff.
  • 8-again may not be applied to melee weaponry or archaic ranged weapons. It only applies to firearms or high explosives.
  • The maximum rating of any individual quality is limited to +5 or -5. Mundane equipment cannot exceed these limitations.
  • You may not improve an item's Speed, Initiative, or Defense penalty to the point that it provides a bonus. You may only reduce them to a 0 penalty. The Guard equipment tag is the exception to this rule.
  • You may only take three instances of Guard, Accurate, Piercing or Enhance on any given item.
  • A weapon's damage rating may be improved no higher than twice its base rating or by 1 of its rating is usually 0.
  • An armor's General and Ballistic ratings may be improved no higher than twice its base rating or by 1 if its rating is usually 0.
  • Additional Armor Coverage never applies to the head. Helmets are always handled as detailed in Hurt Locker.
  • Helmets cannot have their armor quality improved. They are always based on the armor they complement per the rules in Hurt Locker.
  • You may create your splat's magical equipment using this system as the basis for your item's stats. If you lack the skill to create the base item, you must find another character to create the base item for you before you can craft the improved item.
  • Staff reserve the right to decline your desired construct. These rules are guidelines only, and game balance is something staff are tasked to maintain.

Offset Table

Bonus Required Offsets
Damage Rating 2 Offsets
General Armor Rating 2 Offsets
Ballistic Armor Rating 1 Offset
Strength 1 Offset
Lower Initiative or Speed Penalty 1 Offset
Lower Strength Requirement 1 Offset
Additional Armor Coverage 1 Offset (Non Helmet)
Perception Penalty Reduction 1 Offset (Helmets Only)
8-Again Tag 2 Offsets
9-Again Tag 1 Offset
Accurate*, Brawl, Concealed, Enhance*, Grapple, Guard*, Piercing*, Reach, Thrown 1 Offset
Bleed, Incendiary, Knockdown, Stun 2 Offsets
Collapsible 1 offset+
Longer Range 2 offsets-
* : These tags may be taken more than once, though each additional instance of the tag increases its cost by 1. So the first instance is 1 offset, the second is 2 offsets, and the third is 3 offsets. Meaning Guard 3 costs a total of 6 offsets.
+ : Stackable. At least one offset MUST be Fragile -1. Weapon able to be broken down to one size smaller per stack of this tag.
- : Stackable. Increases range by one distance ring.