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Player Profile

  1. Player Name/Nicknames & Pronouns: Apocalycious, Apoc, Evie, Goose. She/Her
  2. Character name(s) and Character pronouns
    1. Alex Shaw (she/her)
    2. Annikah von Steiger (she/her)
    3. June Desrochers (she/her)
    4. Layla Eaves (she/her)
    5. Mei Lee (she/her)
    6. Saya Kemmochi (she/her)
    7. Tsara (she/her)
    8. Violette Farrow (she/her)
    9. Yllka Qosja (she/her)
  3. Content warnings preferred for:
    1. Sexual assault
  4. Experiences or topics I'd like to engage
    1. Helping Everyone is my no-consequences power fantasy
    2. Overcoming of differences
    3. Giving each other the tools to shine
  5. Experiences or topics I want to avoid
    1. Being unkind to each other OOC
    2. PCs oppressing other people. NPCs being asses that need to be taken down is fine
    3. PCs gaslighting other PCs. See above
    4. People trying to show each other up OOC
  6. You can make me feel included as a player by...
    1. Asking me for ties to my characters. I'll almost always try to find a way to make it work, if you want one.
    2. Asking for scenes with my characters -- both PCs and NPCs!
    3. Asking to get involved in plots I'm involved with both as a character or a plot runner

Notepad++ Log Cleanup Regex

Find: .*Today at \d(\d)?:\d\d .M\R
Replace: \n
Change "Today" to whatever else, yesterday, etc, depending on the log.

Find: ^\(.+\)$\R
Replace: Nothing

NPC Scene To-Do list

This is a list of NPC scenes I've received requests for via tickets. If you want to be on this list, please put in a ticket! I'm only including the name of the requesting character here, not the NPC the scene is with, both to make my life easier and for a bit of privacy about what people's PCs are getting up to.

In general I will try to do scenes in order, but if I'm free to run a scene and the next person on the list isn't around, I might skip ahead. It's never anything personal, I promise!

  1. Titania