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Mortal & Mortal+ Lead Staffer, Civil Society Lead Staffer, Site Admin

The Ad Hoc Avenger (Dadhoc to you) is a filthy queer commie jew with 30 years of online gaming experience. She started on Dragon's Gate on GEnie in 1989. By 1991 she was playing LPMuds. 1996 saw her crossover to MUSHing on Elendor MUSH. From there, she discovered ProteanMUSH and the World of Darkness. She has personally helped create ExodusMUSH, Haight-Ashbury, two Star Trek MUSHes, staffed on Haunted Memories, and The Reach, and more places besides. This is her first time staffing a world of Darkness chat.

By day, Dadhoc helps to manage NerdyKeppie and is a socialist and queer rights activist.

DadHoc is also in a polyfidelitous triad with Untitled Goose Admin and Spider.

Characters Played
  • Sigrun Ljosdottir - Sigrun is a Bright One Fairest in the Changeling Sphere. She is an homage to the positive aspects of norse culture and the Asatru religion. She has Crime Status (ANTIFA). She is a member of the Direct Action motley, and presently a Crimson Sentinel in the Summer Court.
  • Aaron Cohen - Aaron began as a Plain Reader in the Mortal+ Sphere. His characterization is inspired by the rabbi that oversaw my conversion within the Reform movement. He has status in Religion, Government, and Education. He is the associate rabbi at Kol Tzedek. He taught at the Rodeph Shalom Hebrew School prior to being charged with assault of a police officer. He continues to advise The Attic LGBT Youth Center in center city. He once served in the Mayor's office in the Office of Faith-Based and Interfaith Affairs. He is now an Obrimos Perfected Adept, and a student of Master Yoshitsune.
  • Vasyl Tometchko - Vasyl is a very old PC of mine that is coming home to this game for his retirement. He has a long career in the espionage services, operating a Guardian Labyrinth in St. Petersburg. He worked as a susceptor at points, and was active in the toppling of a total of three Seer pylons to date. He was modeled on the ideal of selfless service to a higher ideal which is not worthy of that sacrifice. And what that does to a person. And where they go from there. This PC is presently in the middle of an active mental health crisis of sorts and is rebuilding its identity.
  • Polly Romantic - Polly is a musician and spring healer and therapist. She does counseling, sex therapy, and good old fashioned noggin' mending. She was inspired by the works of Genevieve Schatz, particular her album Colors. She is a support PC, here to listen and help your cool people be cool.

Player Survey
  1. Player Name/Nickname:
  2. Character name(s) and Character pronouns:
    1. Sigrun Ljosdottir (She/Her)
    2. Aaron Cohen (He/Him)
    3. Vasyl/Myrne/Lyuda (He/him She/It She/Her)
  3. Content warnings required or triggers to avoid in RP:
    1. Sexual Assault
    2. Domestic Violence
  4. Experiences or topics I'd like to engage:
    1. Socialist theory & praxis, politics of all kinds
    2. Judaism and religion in general
    3. Moral Philosophy
    4. Class struggle
    5. Redemption arcs
    6. I love it when a plan comes together!
    7. Helping you feel involved and important!
    8. Cooperation
  5. Experiences or topics I want to avoid:
    1. Belittling other players
    2. Lone wolves
  6. You can make me feel included as a player by...:
    1. I have a long history in improv comedy. "Yes, and..." me.
    2. Toss me the ball. I'll throw it back.
    3. Ask me about ties to my characters!
    4. Tell me how I can make you happy! Seriously! I want you to enjoy your RP, and if I don't have a PC that can scratch your itch, I can NPC a city *full of them*.

Plot Scenes run by Dadhoc

Ad Hoc Avenger (Site Admin)
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 45